Patient Advocacy

Have you ever gone to a medical appointment and had a difficult time understanding what the doctor or specialist was telling you?

Have you ever felt confused about the information you heard?

Have you ever felt scared at the doctor’s office?

Have you ever wondered why you didn’t know about an alternative procedure, therapy or treatment?

Many patients become overwhelmed when they visit the doctor’s office!  There is little time to ask any questions and it is easy to leave an appointment feeling confused, afraid or anxious.

That’s why a Patient Advocate is really helpful to have, and that is why I am offering this service, to accompany you on your medical appointment and to help you navigate your healthcare by using my medical and clinical background!


Reasons to have a Patient Advocate

  • To help you process complex medical information
  • To help you understand all procedures and treatments available
  • To facilitate doctor-patient conversations in patient-friendly language.
  • To help you evaluate your medical needs
  • To help you form a medical plan
  • To help you to determine the best solutions and pathways for care
  • To help you make better decisions