Patient Advocacy

Labs, prescriptions, treatment plans, discharge papers…

The amount of information that patients receive from their healthcare providers can seem endless at times, especially for those dealing with a chronic disease or serious illness. Understanding all the information can seem overwhelming at times.

As your patient advocate, I am your personal healthcare guide.  I will make sure you fully understand and navigate through all the information you receive and I will help you determine the best course of action.  Having a healthcare professional to facilitate and guide you on your journey to good health can be invaluable, particularly after a serious diagnosis or when you don’t feel well.

  • Patient Advocacy Appointments -Dr. Diefenbach will guide and empower you to make the best health care decisions for yourself.
  • Health care with Dr. Diefenbach is NOT required.


Reasons to have a Patient Advocate

  • To help you process complex medical information
  • To help you understand all procedures and treatments available
  • To facilitate doctor-patient conversations in patient-friendly language.
  • To help you evaluate your medical needs
  • To help you form a medical plan
  • To help you to determine the best solutions and pathways for care
  • To help you make better decisions